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What Our Clients Are Saying

Heather and Sergeant


"My experience with Ignite Dobermans has been nothing but positive. I purchased my first ever Doberman puppy, a male that I named Sergeant, in October 2021. He has the best temperament and personality. He loves my whole family but is very much bonded to me. He is great with kids and loved socializing at our weekly puppy classes. I am training him to be my service dog in the future, he is only 9 months old right now. He is in perfect health and everything I hoped for. My experience with Pam and Carolyn has been great. They helped me through the puppy phase and were always available to me when I have needed advice. This includes instructions on ear posting as well. I highly recommend purchasing your puppy from Ignite because they truly care."

The Lemmo Family and Edison


"Mumma Pam, as we affectionately call her, told us she would be with us from Edison’s first breath to his last. There is no greater truth. She has always answered any questions we may have, shared advice, best practices and information from his siblings every step of the way. She is always a text or phone call away should we need her and has been our cheerleader throughout the whole process. Our dog has a beautiful disposition and Mumma Pam goes to great lengths to research, respect and care for the Doberman breed. We are tremendously blessed to have that relationship with Mumma Pam to ensure the best health and happiness for our Edison who is a member of our family.”

Melanie and Chili

Chili&me _ Elora.jpg

"My experience with Ignite Dobermans and Pam in particular has been exceptional in every way.  From inviting us to meet the puppies at just a few weeks to having a puppy party where all the potential owners got to meet and greet their puppies to the day we brought our beautiful girl home.  To this day we continue to have a great relationship.  Pam is always there to support you and cheer you on with the different goals that you have for your puppy.  She is supportive and dedicated to her puppies for the duration of their lives.  She goes above and beyond to research her breeding decisions in order to extend the longevity of this very special breed all without losing the focus on temperament and beauty as well.  Chili is the most stunningly beautiful, gentle, sweet loving dog.  I can't go anywhere without receiving tons of compliments on my gorgeous girl.  I highly recommend Pam and Ignite Dobermans for your next puppy."

The Gogri Family and Kyra

Gogri Family.jpg

I always wanted to have a doberman as part of my family.While my wife had many pets growing up, I unfortunately did not have that privilege as my mom was afraid of dogs.

Finally after decades my wish came true in the form of Kyra, our red female doberman.

She completes our family and has brought so much joy in our lives from the day we got her home.

The wonderful ladies at IGNITE DOBERMANS, especially Pam Pleau and Rose Witteveen made this dream come true for us.

They were so patient and knowledgeable about my endless questions regarding Kyra. They kept us updated every step of way since the day Kyra was born.

They are the BEST kennel to go to if you are a first time pet parent... and otherwise.

We want to thank IGNITE DOBERMANS for making this a fantastic experience for us. We are so glad to have chosen you.

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